Hello viewers!

I have always taken help from Wikipedia, Google, Yahoo, Yourarticlelibrary for making notes and pass off exams. They have always been with us even when friends hide their notes. I always thought how all these websites are full of knowledge. When a mind is developing, it assumes a lot of things but doesn’t question it away, thinking that it will be funny and people would say things. But as we get to know that its not that these websites are knowledgeable but the master mind behind it- THE HUMAN BRAIN. It is complex to understand a lot of things at one time but when we break it up into some steps, brain contains that information for a long period of time.

Its my first blogging and it is okay to do something the first time. Its not always successful but we all give it a try. We humans remember our first love, first heartbreak, first salary, first home but only after life’s first lesson we come back on tracks. Whether we call this destiny or anything, everything is bound to happen. So lets give chance to ourselves and make it countable.

“Live and let others live” – my favorite quote. If you look around, you never know what battles people suffer from. Never hurt others even if its not your intention. Choose words wisely then act. I have many friends who are/ have suffered from depression, anxiety, low self esteem, insecurities, and lot of mental illness. You hear their stories and then realize how are they handling life and themselves. Its not easy to get up and start your day. You feel like being in bed for hours, when there’s no motivation to do anything. Your relationships are messed up like your house. But all of this is okay. This is life. It will go on. You will come out of it. Reach out to your close ones- parents, sibling, friends and psychiatrist. They will help out but most importantly, you need to take stand for yourself, to be new you.

Once you start to make yourself see your worth, nothing is impossible. You had your beauty sleep, wake up to a cat meowing next to you, make yourself some good breakfast and go out to the world. The hard times has made you see who’s worth to make you feel alive and thankful for this life. Life always takes on unknown adventure, maybe you can uplift someone too.

Arigato Kamsahae! 😊

Check out this book: “Dear Stranger, I Know how you feel” https://amzn.to/3mN2VL3

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