About Myself

Hello Viewers,

I was lucky enough to be born and brought up in Jeddah, KSA. My loving family has always made me felt the luckiest child. Being a middle child, I was surrounded by siblings, friends and close friends of my parents. Childhood is always a cheerful memory, isn’t it? You got a wonderful parents, loving and annoying siblings, good friends, great food, lots of fun and no pressure of any kind. We just had one i.e. to skip school on test day or when we forgot to bring homework.

I never had left the home until I had to pursue my higher studies in India. Its just one of those moments that you know you’ll never get to see your school again as a student. I still remember my Principal told us one fine day, when we complete our senior secondary , that day you will realize there’s no place like school and the comfort that it brings. You never know what campus and college life is, all that too in another country. To this day, where I have completed my Graduation and Post graduation with Diploma, I will always remember my second parents (teachers). I am thankful for such teachers who dedicate their life for others to create theirs. They are a blessing like our Parents.

Anyways, this blog I created was because I always wanted to do this. You can write your views, and see what others think about it. Its good to know their responses. This page “Arigato Kamsahae” means thank you in Japanese and Korean in short, so I am thankful of viewers who came here by any means.

Arigato Kamsahae!

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