#2 Escape from Reality

Hello viewers

Its just another regular day in life with the same routine where you wake up, work, have 3 meals a day and go back to sleep. A 24 hour is just utilized in 4-5 activities or more. Remember when you were younger and you had dreams to go out with friends, have fun, get graduated and have stable life. Those dreams are somewhat scattered now; to make ends meet. Either you can have fun now and later get serious in life. Some individuals have already thought this and started their life seriously so that they can have fun later. But one thing can be done at a time.

The Covid situation made worse than do good. It was hard for People as they started work from home for 8-10 hours a day, and some have seen their loved close ones suffering because of job loss, no source of livelihood. Surely, the high and rich people were chilled about it as they have savings but the poor section of society had to face tough situation. Many were forced to leave their job such as labourers, factory workers, and they had no one to support.

In all of this, reality was harsh for 90% while 10% had a good time as in reconnecting with their family, relatives. Some find it easier to stay at home with all supplies stocked, watching Netflix, movies, various other tv programs, while some find comfort in praying, reading a book, trying new recipes, connecting on social media, being passionate about their talents and giving it a platform. Halfway to lockdown, we had enough of being confined in one place, no one could bear to have another day in lockdown, so they travelled back home and continued with life. As they say it, life goes on, only we have to change it bit by bit to make it worth living. There are numerous opportunities given in this digital age which are easier and affordable.

As we end 2020, we have new hopes for 2021 that it will be kind and gentle upon us and hopefully lessen the pain and sufferings of peoples, the families and friends could see one another after being separated for so long, and making living easier for everyone.

Arigato Kamsahae!

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