#3 Challenges for Introverts

Hello Viewers!

“Can’t come today, I have work at home.” Oh shoot, I think I can’t make it to your place today, I have to take my cat/dog to Vet”. We have heard this before and can’t help that these are the excuses we make to stay at home and avoid going out. Maybe because we know that we will be left out from the group or because we cant connect that well with other people. Introverts have this feeling every time they are invited to a party or gathering or any social event. We feel safe at home, sipping coffee, watching movies or reading favorite novel/books.

That boy/girl in your group has a lot to say, will have different views and sometimes disagree with the general view of people. They would rather stay quiet than to make others understand their viewpoints. Its a lot harder to have courage to speak in between and get themselves acknowledged. Therefore, they find comfort in their own zone, they make boundaries around themselves to make sure that the only people who understand them has access to their mind, their thoughts and feelings.

Such people are shy, reserved, thoughtful of others, kind and gentle too but in their own way. People who are extrovert can openly express themselves and are often popular in their surrounding, but the introverts wishes to be hidden just like a gem. They can only be found when one has patience and gives support throughout. Nonetheless, an extrovert can be totally different to introverts but they make the best of friends and their relation is well known to others. They bring the best out of each other.

In the digital age, having many friends and followers is considered as cool, up-to-date, ‘dude’, but only having true and loyal friend is everything when you are facing trouble. Work on your relationships, be supportive for each other, make memories, give hugs, they should know no matter what, you will always be there. Its fine if you are on another side of the world, you are always special whom you consider special.

Arigato Kamsahae!😉

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