#4 Reinventing Yourself

Hello Viewers!

How often do we say to ourselves “I wish I had done this” or “maybe if i worked hard on that exam, I could have topped the entire semester”. We spend 15-16 years on schooling, another 3-4 years in graduating and next 2-3 years in post graduation or some professional courses. All these years we are standing in a line to get into a system. We make many contacts and loose many friends. I too had this regret where I wanted to hold onto friends and make them stay. But sometimes holding onto them hurts more than letting them go. It isn’t easy to let go of someone so close and dear to you but you have to do it anyways. Life doesn’t gives us that choice. Frustrating, right?. But what’s gone is gone, we can’t make it comeback. All that is needed is to set your mindset and work on yourself.

We all heard this quote “The more we are holding it tightly, more we are losing it“. At this phase, you will meet yourself fully devastated. You don’t feel like doing anything, your every day job/chores seems like a burden, you feel trapped in your own zone. You start eating less because now you don’t feel hunger, you become weak and lose strength. You want to get out of this situation but no one holds your hand and guides you how to. This is how we all have felt at one time. Let me tell you this, if a bad time like this comes to you, don’t be afraid to reach out to your family. Make time to work on relationships with other people, have patience, do meditation, drink different beverages, read your novel, watch FRIENDS, or any creative work/ course. What now matters is how you make yourself come out of messy situation.

The time has come to reinvent yourself. You will be nervous, afraid to try something new, but this will be worth it. Because its not from anyone, its all you. The NEW YOU. You make self care a priority, rather than going out, you stay at home and recharge yourself. This is so much important just like breathing or eating. You apply for new job, new passion, new people and connect with them and they become a part of your life. Still remember those who checked up on you if you’re doing good and call or text you. You are special to them, be sure that you also check back.

Always remember that God is with you during hard and easy times. People will come and go but you always have Him by your side. Have faith in humanity and be compassionate. Self care is a must but never hurt others when you’re taking time to heal. There’s nothing greater than having a close relative/ friend who can make you feel safe and comfort you during hard times. Hope you all will stay safe and happy.

Arigato Kamsahae!

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