#5 Real Gems

Hello Viewers!

‘I want to say something to you, but don’t tell anyone….please…’ Do you also do this when you have to say something to your best friend? Yes?. Well, I guess everyone does this. When there’s some good news, you want to share it with the people you love and care about. You wouldn’t go to some stranger to say that you have topped semester, or passed in an interview. You say these to your family, friends, and close relatives. Other people don’t bother to you nor they check on you. Its okay that way, everyone has something going on.

When you meet people, you worry if they like you and you always want a feedback. It’s natural. Same way, if you don’t like someone, you don’t go to that person and there’s no connection between you. People alike are always connected no matter if they are miles apart. I have friends who are in another side of the world but thanks to technology, we are well connected and updated with each other. Some are teaching, some are married, some have started a family. These are happy news for us.

When we are in a situation that seems messy, complicated, whom do we go for? We go for the most trusted person who can be a family member, or the closest of all friends. When we share our problems, it doesn’t mean they can immediately find a solution, but the heavy feeling we had comes off. Its amazing when we have a shoulder to lean on and get comfort. These people are the real magic beans in your life. Wherever you are, you can always call them at 4AM and ask for support and care.

As I always say, self care is important but support your near and dear ones. They might be in a situation too which they didn’t disclose, but it doesn’t cost anything to ask how they are doing. Learn the value of relationships before they are gone and its too late. Always work hard for your relationships. Trust, loyalty and building foundation are the qualities for a great and happy relationship. Hope this brings you happiness from within.

Arigato Kamsahae!😊

6 thoughts on “#5 Real Gems

  1. Awww this is so touching and true
    Arigato writerchan for a beautiful blog post


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