#6 New Opportunities

Hello Viewers!

When I first started writing, I never knew what it meant. I was like, just writing? That’s all… how can we earn from merely writing. Writing in my mind only meant copy paste system and put some ideas in between. But its not only that. Let me give you example people cook everyday to satisfy their hunger needs, yes you can order online but not everyday. However, some people learn the art of cooking, the culinary skills, you see Masterchef seasons and how the contestants are so skilled with the techniques, design and arts. The same way, one has to know the art of writing effectively and its techniques.

I am still not perfect to write effectively but I have made a start. It’s not about you know everything perfectly. Believe me, nobody is perfect from the start. They all started somewhere and gave their full dedication to it. Look at the most famous people around the world, they didn’t gain overnight success, they constantly work through hardships to make it work.

When life gives you lemon, make lemonade

Elbert Hubbard

Everyone is blessed with some sort of skills, be it Arts, Technology or Math, you have to find that hidden talent within you and make it passion. If you don’t know what it is that you are fond of, try everything out. If it keeps you interested and makes you eager to do more work that you become restless, there you have it. Just don’t waste your efforts into something which disturbs you’re peace of mind. If a thing disturbs your peace of mind, you give it up.

New opportunities will present itself in front of you when you do it yourself. You can’t just wish for things to happen. Life is not a genie that you rub on a lamp. It teaches you through failure, tests, separation and hardwork. Your hunger to do it drives you to it. You learn all that is needed in these hard times. Just have patience, faith, and passion. You’ll get there.

Arigato Kamsahae!

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