#7 Haunting Moments!

Hello viewers!

Its 2 AM, where half the world sleeps and half are awake. In this 50-50, there’s a proportion of people who are haunted by their past and painful memories. This year was rough for everyone. Some lost their job, dear ones, while others suffered from themselves. Be it any issue, these moments haunt us every night. Its the silence of night where some find peaceful and relaxing, while the same silence bring back loneliness.

I’m sure that by haunting, you may have perceived the ghost and the unknown but same are the human emotions. Things have happened in the past but we can never get over it, we just try to think or do something else. Its just like filling up and there comes a time when sink deep down into a hollow. You get frustrated with yourself and no one comes to rescue. Because no one knows what you’re feeling inside.

Getting up is so hard some days that you become attached to the bed and scroll down social media. It takes energy to get yourself up and do something productive. This is all fine. You need to take a break from this situation. Self care is important than anything. Take a walk outside, spend a day with your friends, watch comedies and do everything which makes you feel better. I have those days and I lie most of the time.

What I do is… I count 1..2..3..4..5, take a deep breath, crack and pop my bones, do a bit of stretching, go straight to the messiest place and organize stuff. Believe me, it does take off my mind from everything else. Organizing, cleaning is not associated to women only, its a basic life skills which both can do, same as cooking.

Whenever you feel irritated or don’t know what to do, start organizing your bed, your closet, your document file or jewelry. Clean out your junk, donate some clothes which you don’t need, learn a course/language, watch videos on anything you like. Having a ME time is better than doing nothing.

Lastly, never be ashamed to make a call your family, friends. Check on them, their activities. Its these moment which matter, you never know when you’ll see them again. Make them happy by your presence, be supportive and kind.

Arigato Kamsahae!

Also let me know if you want me to write HORROR STORIES, because that would be fun!

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