#8 Creating Moments

Hello Viewers!

Do you ever take that old album out of the closet and see when you were a newborn. Being a little creature in your mother’s lap and crying or maybe sleeping. Then you just look at your mother’s face and realize that she is still same, but she has changed a lot. You want to hug her right away and see the next pictures how naughty/calm as a kid you were. You were always hyper about so many things, questioning this and that. You get in school, learn, get your graduation and made your parents proud. Life was so amazing. You created these moments. From the time you are born, to adulthood and finally to your death, you will keep making moments and it will be a great flashback as to how you spend your life.

Life’s all about creating moments. There will be times when you are sad, alone, depressed, have gone through worse, but there are also those moments where you feel, you are at the top of the world, you are happy, people are proud of you. These moments are what people are made of. The way in which a person handles both situation. Patience, tolerance, determination, endurance and composure- these qualities are looked in a person when handling the rough situation. These hard times will make you YOU.

Have you ever wondered that you remain a student all your life? I don’t mean sitting in your classroom and completing your assignments. Student as in learning from every person you meet and those who leaves you. Learning the hard and easy phases of life. How life treats you and how you are blessed in ways. If you are ever an inch to close to accident, you will value life. The same way if a toxic person leaves you, you value yourself. You start appreciating the little things around you. You have roof, food, water, money, good friends, great and supportive family, a loving spouse, etc. You know they love you and you give back the same love and affection. Always give thanks and make one feel loved and let them know that you care.

Arigato Kamsahae!

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