#9 New Year Resolution

Hello Viewers!

Only 2 days left for the new year to come. and people all around will be wondering what 2021 will be like. Do you remember when scientist told us 2012 will be the last and all of us will die. How terrified we were. Even if we didn’t believe in all that, we were scared if its really the end. They even made 2012 movie. But Congratulations we are now entering in 2021. We all make new year resolution on first day, you set goals you want to achieve like making money, having a walk daily, setting up a new business, keeping yourself fit etc.

However, only some achieve their goal that were set. Life is unpredictable, we never know what tomorrow will bring to us. Yesterday, I got the news of my childhood classmate left for heavenly abode. And that moment I realize, we have taken this life for granted. 2020 was the year many people breathed their last breath and left this world. They never thought they would be gone. Death is real while this life is an illusion. We have made ourselves involved in this illusion that we forget what was important. We face so many problems like mental illness, physical problem, forgetfulness, relationship issues and all this leading to our own death. Death as in we die from inside, we see no ray of hope, no one to rescue us and what do we do? We run away from our issues.

If we work towards ourselves, maintaining the peace from within, we don’t have to run away from situations. What is hard- to suffer daily or face it and clear out everything. The second one seems more great, right. For this coming year, I won’t be making any resolution, I’m focusing on myself, on my personality, on my issues, on my mental health and of course selfcare. You need to know what problems are in your life and what can be done. Let 2021 be the year you work on yourself and look for the solution that are easy, we don’t have to go for toughest option. You know what will work for you.

Wishing you peace, love and a normal 2021.

Arigato Kamsahae!

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