#10 What’s up with School

Hello Viewers!

Hope you are doing good and things are stable and steady. Last week, a friend of mine told me we should teach in school. You can have around 40 students in a room and give them lesson according to curriculum. I said the curriculum has been same for several years and people learn same thing again and again. I agree we have to learn how to speak, write and do math- these are basic. But why do they never teach about personality development, learning another language or even how to deal with ourselves when handling a situation.

We learn all these from personal experience and wisdom. We think when wisdom teeth comes, we actually become knowledgeable. I got mine when I was in my graduation. And I didn’t know what the word wisdom actually means. THE REAL LIFE BEGAN AFTER THAT. I had dealt a lot of things when I was in hostel. You see people through, you have that sixth sense or gut instinct that this person is not good for me or something bad is going to happen. We humans are simple yet complicated at the same time. We never know what’s in the mind. We just like to assume.

I saw videos of Robert Kiyosaki and all his interview were so right and factual. He said in a interview, why teachers don’t make us learn about finance, tax, investment, returns. What is so good about algebra or calculus when it doesn’t help in real life. How his mindset is different from 90% is overwhelming. We are brainwashed in school to do 9-5 jobs, which makes us exhaust after sometime and we go for another job and the cycle repeats. We do all that work for a boss who only works for like 3 days. I recommend you to watch his interviews. You will see what he talks about.

Since today is new day of new year 2021, I hope it will be normal and happy and peaceful for everyone!

Arigato Kamsahae!

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