#11 Hallucination

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I couldn’t sleep last night, so I ended up reading about hallucination. It is, as we know, hearing voice or seeing something which is not present. Its a state of mind where some people hear or see things which is not actually there. Now this could be called as seeing ghosts or as people refer ‘mental illness’. But why does it happen? How can someone see thing or hear which isn’t normal?

I have seen Bollywood movies made on hallucination. We only see that movie as horror or scary. I think everyone has seen The Conjuring, The Nun which are really scary if you watch it alone. You will remember the scary face because the makeup is like that. But the next day, you will be back to normal. That’s how we all are. But some are living these horror through out their life. They look normal to us but their behavior is not.

A friend of mine studies psychology and during her internship, she met people who had some sort of mental illness. One case was really interesting, A man could see someone saying things that would tell him to get hurt. She was scared but had to remain calm during the session. The doctor she was working with, asked the man ‘Whom do you see? Your relative or unknown person?’ He said ‘it is unknown to me but makes me to do things’. Now, I do not know this patient but I have sympathy that he sees unknown and might hurt himself. This illness has no cure and only medicines don’t help.

You see, we can go to doctors if there’s something wrong with our body, there’s a cure to it. But the state of mind is complex. We ourselves don’t know what is wrong with us sometimes, like mood swings, frustration, irritation or feeling low. We can only accept that we are going through a phase. Slowly and calmly pass through it. Talk it out to your friends or family. Just as you take care of yourself other days, spoil yourself in these hard times too. Take a break from regular activities, spend time with close ones, do your most favorite thing. I always say self care is important than anything.

I have respect for people who fight with their own battles. Psychiatrist and psychologist have so much patience to deal with people who have been through worst. If you know someone who is dealing with depression or any sort of mental illness, please help them or at least take them to professionals.

Time heals everything, but you have to work it out too!

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