#12 Detoxification

Hello Viewers!

I was selected for an internship and I was excited to work. I wanted to give my best shot and my mind was fixed on it. After some days, something was off from the organization but I let it go. Next 3-4 days, I was sure that I am not meant to be in this, I felt suffocated doing that work. My sleeping pattern was disturbed and couldn’t eat well. I discussed my problem with my friend and she advised me to wait one day. I agreed and also applied for another internship. I did my best to get selected in another and it happened.

The workload was too much for me in the first internship and somehow, I resigned. However, during this time I was in a dilemma, whether to stay or quit. I felt since it is my first one, I shouldn’t quit in between. But my heart was saying to give it up. It is not worth if it is giving me stress rather than enjoying it. I wanted to get out of it and feel free from that pressure. I did and joined another one. This is who I am. I leave when I feel stressed. I closed that chapter and move on. There is no other solution and I hate being stuck in one place.

The reason I chose this title is because you want to eliminate something or to remove toxins from your body. When you worry about health and want to stay fit, you eat healthy food and try to avoid fast foods. In the same way, mental health needs that detoxification. You need to break and relax your mind. Removing negative thoughts, negative people, and toxic relationships are much needed for the smooth functioning of life. Your peaceful life will be back after you eliminate these.

You may find that it is not easy to leave people behind. You are scared to be alone. But it is better to be alone than being stuck in a situation that has no hope. You can stay in it or come out of it. Believe me, a new opportunity will come to you if you want new things in life. You have to make it happen for yourself. Our life is worth taking risks and chances. It all happens when you walk for it.

Hope you all live happily!

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