#13 Mood Swings

Hello Viewers!

Mood Swings are very common to us, we sit and overthink things and get mood swings that affect all our activities. When we see someone we automatically feel good or bad based on how that person treats us. It is the human perception that changes every time. We have created that imaginative scene in our minds when we see something or meet a person. I will create an example. Suppose we are at home being a couch potato, all of a sudden you get a message from your friend or family that there is good news and they will talk in detail. What will you think? It can be about getting a job, getting married or going to their favorite destination in times of Covid? You create happy images. Now if the opposite happens with them, the good news becomes bad news, your imagination creates scenes like an accident, or death, or robbery or anything which is associated with negative perspective.

Mood swings are changes in your mood. You can feel that you are happy and calm in one minute and the next minute you can feel sad, angry, irritated. It’s psychological and you can never understand. But what you can do is whenever you get these mixed signals and changes in your behavior, you can simply do take a note of what triggers your mood swing, and what you saw or thought that made your mood change.

We understand that mood swings come and go, which can be natural. The real danger is when it prolongs for a longer period of time and you constantly feel sad and irritated whatever comes your way. The main cause for your mood swing can be related to stress, work pressure, social anxiety, PMS, feeling isolated even with your loved ones near you. All these affect your moods and in the long run leads to depression.

I would suggest that before you enter the depression stage, know what are the things which make you feel this way, take help and sort everything out. It is better to stay sane than being stuck with yourself. Don’t drown into the pool of endless thoughts. Keep in mind that shifts in mood can vary in severity. Experiencing a range of emotions is a part of life. You may need to adjust your lifestyle to get back to feeling normal if you experience occasional mood shifts in mood.

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