#14 Peaceful Silence

Hello Viewers!

We have had our ups and downs in life. We wake up and live another chaotic day following the same routine. It seems like Life is on a loop, repeating the same thing. Every day is the same but when you look back a year, it was different. Last year, this day you were doing something else, had a fun and happening life or been through the worst. Everyone has a different story. The pandemic slowed us down and made us stay home for 10 months almost. Some of you learned new things, some of you lose a near one. But we all hoped this all would end, and we can begin our normal life again. 2021 showed me new colors to life.

I was living in gray last year, but new horizon is all I can see.

We can never see tomorrow, we don’t know if we will wake up the next day. This thought has scared me the most. Not waking up to another day, leaving behind all my loved ones, and the worldly things which matters to me will be of no use. This chaotic life was never peaceful.

I find peace at night, especially when everyone is asleep. This time I can imagine what I was, how I am now, and what needs to be changed. It is in the darkest of nights where I learn new things and my brain starts working. I don’t know why I am this way, but this is something that I can never change. This could be myΒ β€œme-time”. A lot of people find peace where they work, or a walk, or talking to friends, it’s just their personality. I can only say that you can change yourself only when improving. Develop the personality that you imagine for yourself. Avoid toxic people and toxic thoughts, they are no good for you.

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