#15 Claustrophobic Relationships

Hello Viewers!

The fear of closed or confined spaces is what we call Claustrophobia. Some people can’t enter a lift/elevator or ride a car with closed windows. Its in the mind that the space is closing on them and they feel suffocated within. This gives anxiety even when thinking of closed spaces. They always go to brighter places, open areas, and also less people. This fear will remain instilled throughout their lifetime. They get this fear when they enter a room with less lights and windows, even when wearing tight necked clothing. The people who suffer from claustrophobia feels dizzy, anxiety kicks in and lose control and sometimes faint or die(in the rarest case).

Claustrophobic Relations means when a person suffers in a relationship and feels suffocated. They can’t get out of it. Now, a relationship doesn’t end at couple, it can be Parent-child, siblings, friends, relatives etc. We see it more inclined towards couple relations. If we look at 2 individuals who like each other, they tend to share everything from A to Z. The first few weeks, or months can go smooth, they feel loved and care for each other. But the real problem starts when one starts to hide things. Transparency and trust which are pillar of, foundation of holding a relationship, starts to lose here. The other person starts to feel when something is not right. The sixth sense plays a huge role here when you feel that your “friend” is different in terms of behavior, talking, maintaining eye contact.

We tend to ignore our gut feeling and carry on with our lives. We understand that people are different and they will come around when they feel like. That happens when two people want to work their bond. However, the claustrophobic relation that I am talking here is about the Toxic relations. The ones where one person cant leave significant another. They are driven by the fear of loneliness, fear of missing that person, fear of getting their heart broken. It is acceptable that we miss people who are not in our lives but we shouldn’t let toxicity become a part of us. That will definitely stress us out.

It is hard to get out of claustrophobic relationship. People always get out and go back to it because they have that habit. Once we see that this process is not worth our time and efforts, we make a pact to get out of it completely. It is necessary to block all that road that lead to it, whether it is blocking that person, getting of social media, staying away from smartphones as long as possible, taking time to meditate and involving into something productive. After few months, you will glad that you took this step and made it so far. Nothing happens overnight, there is no overnight success recipe to life. You slowly but gradually get to where you belong.

Always trust your gut feelings and talk about it. Relationship works when there is enough communication, trust and transparency. We are so technology driven that real connection is lost between people. Getting of social media is a good idea once in a while. Make yourself a priority and people who matters the most.

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