#17 Overcoming Fear

Hello Viewers!

Fear is something which we all feel. It is natural, can be powerful, and a emotion which is from the beginning of the world. We fear when we are not sure of things, or when we feel that the risk is too high. Fear is of many kinds, which we can say phobias such as acrophobia, claustrophobia, autophobia etc. Some of us may have imaginative or mental fear of ghosts, the unknown. Every fear is related to some kind of incidents, accidents which the individual might have faced in his/her life.

However, these fear give individuals anxiety and affects the lifestyle of a person. They cannot eat, sleep, think and work like any other day. The one fear which can make you go mad, depressed is the fear of missing a person or letting go. When you are in regular contact with a person or a pet, and there comes a time or situation when you have to let them go, you fear of being alone. This is of course natural as humans are social beings, they need someone to share their happiness and sorrow. Just by thinking that tomorrow they have to let go, we make excuses in our mind for one more day. We would be hurt in their presence rather than being alone and hurt.

Overcoming fear seems too hard but it is not so easy. You have to deal with yourself. Overthinking a situation will cause you headache, no one else will have to go through it except you. Give yourself a break from it, don’t complicate the situation in your mind when in reality it has little impact. We all worry about our future, career, relationships, bills, social status etc. But how we work towards it, will make us stronger. If needed, plan through it. Organize your thoughts, think the best and worst outcomes that can come your way, make multiple possibilities for one problem.

Secondly, know yourself. What could possibly make you afraid of and note down the trigger points. Face your fears, running away is not the solution. For example, if you fear heights, you don’t have to bungee jump the next day. Take time to overcome this fear by going 5 floors a day and breathe. Doing this will make your fear less.

Thirdly, ask for advise from professionals. Experts will never lie for your sake. Talk out your fears, problems and listen to the solution. There will be different therapy sessions which will depends on how much time you can take to recover. But the end results will be worth. It is never too late to start anything. You can overcome your fears as soon as you work on it. Some people can achieve their result very quickly and some may take time. It all depends on you.

Don’t suffer alone, it is never a good idea. If you have a friend who fears something, reach and help them out. Explain through your experiences. They may end their fear just because you showed them the way!

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