#18 Birthday Wish

Hello Viewers! Its been a long time since I wrote something but life takes turns and we never know what tomorrow will bring. I recently celebrated my 25th birthday, so many people wished and gave their blessings. When people celebrate their birthday, they wish to achieve more than last year, be in good health, developContinue reading “#18 Birthday Wish”

#16 Being Assertive

Hello Viewers! Have you ever felt that you have been left behind by your friends or don’t consider your opinion important during the discussion? Sometimes even family members don’t consider your views even for trivial things. I have faced that too. Over time I didn’t let those matters come to me but I was hurtContinue reading “#16 Being Assertive”

#15 Claustrophobic Relationships

Hello Viewers! The fear of closed or confined spaces is what we call Claustrophobia. Some people can’t enter a lift/elevator or ride a car with closed windows. Its in the mind that the space is closing on them and they feel suffocated within. This gives anxiety even when thinking of closed spaces. They always goContinue reading “#15 Claustrophobic Relationships”

#13 Mood Swings

Hello Viewers! Mood Swings are very common to us, we sit and overthink things and get mood swings that affect all our activities. When we see someone we automatically feel good or bad based on how that person treats us. It is the human perception that changes every time. We have created that imaginative sceneContinue reading “#13 Mood Swings”

#11 Hallucination

Hello Viewers! I couldn’t sleep last night, so I ended up reading about hallucination. It is, as we know, hearing voice or seeing something which is not present. Its a state of mind where some people hear or see things which is not actually there. Now this could be called as seeing ghosts or asContinue reading “#11 Hallucination”

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