#10 What’s up with School

Hello Viewers!

Hope you are doing good and things are stable and steady. Last week, a friend of mine told me we should teach in school. You can have around 40 students in a room and give them lesson according to curriculum. I said the curriculum has been same for several years and people learn same thing again and again. I agree we have to learn how to speak, write and do math- these are basic. But why do they never teach about personality development, learning another language or even how to deal with ourselves when handling a situation.

We learn all these from personal experience and wisdom. We think when wisdom teeth comes, we actually become knowledgeable. I got mine when I was in my graduation. And I didn’t know what the word wisdom actually means. THE REAL LIFE BEGAN AFTER THAT. I had dealt a lot of things when I was in hostel. You see people through, you have that sixth sense or gut instinct that this person is not good for me or something bad is going to happen. We humans are simple yet complicated at the same time. We never know what’s in the mind. We just like to assume.

I saw videos of Robert Kiyosaki and all his interview were so right and factual. He said in a interview, why teachers don’t make us learn about finance, tax, investment, returns. What is so good about algebra or calculus when it doesn’t help in real life. How his mindset is different from 90% is overwhelming. We are brainwashed in school to do 9-5 jobs, which makes us exhaust after sometime and we go for another job and the cycle repeats. We do all that work for a boss who only works for like 3 days. I recommend you to watch his interviews. You will see what he talks about.

Since today is new day of new year 2021, I hope it will be normal and happy and peaceful for everyone!

Arigato Kamsahae!

#9 New Year Resolution

Hello Viewers!

Only 2 days left for the new year to come. and people all around will be wondering what 2021 will be like. Do you remember when scientist told us 2012 will be the last and all of us will die. How terrified we were. Even if we didn’t believe in all that, we were scared if its really the end. They even made 2012 movie. But Congratulations we are now entering in 2021. We all make new year resolution on first day, you set goals you want to achieve like making money, having a walk daily, setting up a new business, keeping yourself fit etc.

However, only some achieve their goal that were set. Life is unpredictable, we never know what tomorrow will bring to us. Yesterday, I got the news of my childhood classmate left for heavenly abode. And that moment I realize, we have taken this life for granted. 2020 was the year many people breathed their last breath and left this world. They never thought they would be gone. Death is real while this life is an illusion. We have made ourselves involved in this illusion that we forget what was important. We face so many problems like mental illness, physical problem, forgetfulness, relationship issues and all this leading to our own death. Death as in we die from inside, we see no ray of hope, no one to rescue us and what do we do? We run away from our issues.

If we work towards ourselves, maintaining the peace from within, we don’t have to run away from situations. What is hard- to suffer daily or face it and clear out everything. The second one seems more great, right. For this coming year, I won’t be making any resolution, I’m focusing on myself, on my personality, on my issues, on my mental health and of course selfcare. You need to know what problems are in your life and what can be done. Let 2021 be the year you work on yourself and look for the solution that are easy, we don’t have to go for toughest option. You know what will work for you.

Wishing you peace, love and a normal 2021.

Arigato Kamsahae!

#8 Creating Moments

Hello Viewers!

Do you ever take that old album out of the closet and see when you were a newborn. Being a little creature in your mother’s lap and crying or maybe sleeping. Then you just look at your mother’s face and realize that she is still same, but she has changed a lot. You want to hug her right away and see the next pictures how naughty/calm as a kid you were. You were always hyper about so many things, questioning this and that. You get in school, learn, get your graduation and made your parents proud. Life was so amazing. You created these moments. From the time you are born, to adulthood and finally to your death, you will keep making moments and it will be a great flashback as to how you spend your life.

Life’s all about creating moments. There will be times when you are sad, alone, depressed, have gone through worse, but there are also those moments where you feel, you are at the top of the world, you are happy, people are proud of you. These moments are what people are made of. The way in which a person handles both situation. Patience, tolerance, determination, endurance and composure- these qualities are looked in a person when handling the rough situation. These hard times will make you YOU.

Have you ever wondered that you remain a student all your life? I don’t mean sitting in your classroom and completing your assignments. Student as in learning from every person you meet and those who leaves you. Learning the hard and easy phases of life. How life treats you and how you are blessed in ways. If you are ever an inch to close to accident, you will value life. The same way if a toxic person leaves you, you value yourself. You start appreciating the little things around you. You have roof, food, water, money, good friends, great and supportive family, a loving spouse, etc. You know they love you and you give back the same love and affection. Always give thanks and make one feel loved and let them know that you care.

Arigato Kamsahae!

#7 Haunting Moments!

Hello viewers!

Its 2 AM, where half the world sleeps and half are awake. In this 50-50, there’s a proportion of people who are haunted by their past and painful memories. This year was rough for everyone. Some lost their job, dear ones, while others suffered from themselves. Be it any issue, these moments haunt us every night. Its the silence of night where some find peaceful and relaxing, while the same silence bring back loneliness.

I’m sure that by haunting, you may have perceived the ghost and the unknown but same are the human emotions. Things have happened in the past but we can never get over it, we just try to think or do something else. Its just like filling up and there comes a time when sink deep down into a hollow. You get frustrated with yourself and no one comes to rescue. Because no one knows what you’re feeling inside.

Getting up is so hard some days that you become attached to the bed and scroll down social media. It takes energy to get yourself up and do something productive. This is all fine. You need to take a break from this situation. Self care is important than anything. Take a walk outside, spend a day with your friends, watch comedies and do everything which makes you feel better. I have those days and I lie most of the time.

What I do is… I count 1..2..3..4..5, take a deep breath, crack and pop my bones, do a bit of stretching, go straight to the messiest place and organize stuff. Believe me, it does take off my mind from everything else. Organizing, cleaning is not associated to women only, its a basic life skills which both can do, same as cooking.

Whenever you feel irritated or don’t know what to do, start organizing your bed, your closet, your document file or jewelry. Clean out your junk, donate some clothes which you don’t need, learn a course/language, watch videos on anything you like. Having a ME time is better than doing nothing.

Lastly, never be ashamed to make a call your family, friends. Check on them, their activities. Its these moment which matter, you never know when you’ll see them again. Make them happy by your presence, be supportive and kind.

Arigato Kamsahae!

Also let me know if you want me to write HORROR STORIES, because that would be fun!

#6 New Opportunities

Hello Viewers!

When I first started writing, I never knew what it meant. I was like, just writing? That’s all… how can we earn from merely writing. Writing in my mind only meant copy paste system and put some ideas in between. But its not only that. Let me give you example people cook everyday to satisfy their hunger needs, yes you can order online but not everyday. However, some people learn the art of cooking, the culinary skills, you see Masterchef seasons and how the contestants are so skilled with the techniques, design and arts. The same way, one has to know the art of writing effectively and its techniques.

I am still not perfect to write effectively but I have made a start. It’s not about you know everything perfectly. Believe me, nobody is perfect from the start. They all started somewhere and gave their full dedication to it. Look at the most famous people around the world, they didn’t gain overnight success, they constantly work through hardships to make it work.

When life gives you lemon, make lemonade

Elbert Hubbard

Everyone is blessed with some sort of skills, be it Arts, Technology or Math, you have to find that hidden talent within you and make it passion. If you don’t know what it is that you are fond of, try everything out. If it keeps you interested and makes you eager to do more work that you become restless, there you have it. Just don’t waste your efforts into something which disturbs you’re peace of mind. If a thing disturbs your peace of mind, you give it up.

New opportunities will present itself in front of you when you do it yourself. You can’t just wish for things to happen. Life is not a genie that you rub on a lamp. It teaches you through failure, tests, separation and hardwork. Your hunger to do it drives you to it. You learn all that is needed in these hard times. Just have patience, faith, and passion. You’ll get there.

Arigato Kamsahae!

#5 Real Gems

Hello Viewers!

‘I want to say something to you, but don’t tell anyone….please…’ Do you also do this when you have to say something to your best friend? Yes?. Well, I guess everyone does this. When there’s some good news, you want to share it with the people you love and care about. You wouldn’t go to some stranger to say that you have topped semester, or passed in an interview. You say these to your family, friends, and close relatives. Other people don’t bother to you nor they check on you. Its okay that way, everyone has something going on.

When you meet people, you worry if they like you and you always want a feedback. It’s natural. Same way, if you don’t like someone, you don’t go to that person and there’s no connection between you. People alike are always connected no matter if they are miles apart. I have friends who are in another side of the world but thanks to technology, we are well connected and updated with each other. Some are teaching, some are married, some have started a family. These are happy news for us.

When we are in a situation that seems messy, complicated, whom do we go for? We go for the most trusted person who can be a family member, or the closest of all friends. When we share our problems, it doesn’t mean they can immediately find a solution, but the heavy feeling we had comes off. Its amazing when we have a shoulder to lean on and get comfort. These people are the real magic beans in your life. Wherever you are, you can always call them at 4AM and ask for support and care.

As I always say, self care is important but support your near and dear ones. They might be in a situation too which they didn’t disclose, but it doesn’t cost anything to ask how they are doing. Learn the value of relationships before they are gone and its too late. Always work hard for your relationships. Trust, loyalty and building foundation are the qualities for a great and happy relationship. Hope this brings you happiness from within.

Arigato Kamsahae!😊

#4 Reinventing Yourself

Hello Viewers!

How often do we say to ourselves “I wish I had done this” or “maybe if i worked hard on that exam, I could have topped the entire semester”. We spend 15-16 years on schooling, another 3-4 years in graduating and next 2-3 years in post graduation or some professional courses. All these years we are standing in a line to get into a system. We make many contacts and loose many friends. I too had this regret where I wanted to hold onto friends and make them stay. But sometimes holding onto them hurts more than letting them go. It isn’t easy to let go of someone so close and dear to you but you have to do it anyways. Life doesn’t gives us that choice. Frustrating, right?. But what’s gone is gone, we can’t make it comeback. All that is needed is to set your mindset and work on yourself.

We all heard this quote “The more we are holding it tightly, more we are losing it“. At this phase, you will meet yourself fully devastated. You don’t feel like doing anything, your every day job/chores seems like a burden, you feel trapped in your own zone. You start eating less because now you don’t feel hunger, you become weak and lose strength. You want to get out of this situation but no one holds your hand and guides you how to. This is how we all have felt at one time. Let me tell you this, if a bad time like this comes to you, don’t be afraid to reach out to your family. Make time to work on relationships with other people, have patience, do meditation, drink different beverages, read your novel, watch FRIENDS, or any creative work/ course. What now matters is how you make yourself come out of messy situation.

The time has come to reinvent yourself. You will be nervous, afraid to try something new, but this will be worth it. Because its not from anyone, its all you. The NEW YOU. You make self care a priority, rather than going out, you stay at home and recharge yourself. This is so much important just like breathing or eating. You apply for new job, new passion, new people and connect with them and they become a part of your life. Still remember those who checked up on you if you’re doing good and call or text you. You are special to them, be sure that you also check back.

Always remember that God is with you during hard and easy times. People will come and go but you always have Him by your side. Have faith in humanity and be compassionate. Self care is a must but never hurt others when you’re taking time to heal. There’s nothing greater than having a close relative/ friend who can make you feel safe and comfort you during hard times. Hope you all will stay safe and happy.

Arigato Kamsahae!

#3 Challenges for Introverts

Hello Viewers!

“Can’t come today, I have work at home.” Oh shoot, I think I can’t make it to your place today, I have to take my cat/dog to Vet”. We have heard this before and can’t help that these are the excuses we make to stay at home and avoid going out. Maybe because we know that we will be left out from the group or because we cant connect that well with other people. Introverts have this feeling every time they are invited to a party or gathering or any social event. We feel safe at home, sipping coffee, watching movies or reading favorite novel/books.

That boy/girl in your group has a lot to say, will have different views and sometimes disagree with the general view of people. They would rather stay quiet than to make others understand their viewpoints. Its a lot harder to have courage to speak in between and get themselves acknowledged. Therefore, they find comfort in their own zone, they make boundaries around themselves to make sure that the only people who understand them has access to their mind, their thoughts and feelings.

Such people are shy, reserved, thoughtful of others, kind and gentle too but in their own way. People who are extrovert can openly express themselves and are often popular in their surrounding, but the introverts wishes to be hidden just like a gem. They can only be found when one has patience and gives support throughout. Nonetheless, an extrovert can be totally different to introverts but they make the best of friends and their relation is well known to others. They bring the best out of each other.

In the digital age, having many friends and followers is considered as cool, up-to-date, ‘dude’, but only having true and loyal friend is everything when you are facing trouble. Work on your relationships, be supportive for each other, make memories, give hugs, they should know no matter what, you will always be there. Its fine if you are on another side of the world, you are always special whom you consider special.

Arigato Kamsahae!😉

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