#6 New Opportunities

Hello Viewers! When I first started writing, I never knew what it meant. I was like, just writing? That’s all… how can we earn from merely writing. Writing in my mind only meant copy paste system and put some ideas in between. But its not only that. Let me give you example people cook everydayContinue reading “#6 New Opportunities”

#5 Real Gems

Hello Viewers! ‘I want to say something to you, but don’t tell anyone….please…’ Do you also do this when you have to say something to your best friend? Yes?. Well, I guess everyone does this. When there’s some good news, you want to share it with the people you love and care about. You wouldn’tContinue reading “#5 Real Gems”

#4 Reinventing Yourself

Hello Viewers! How often do we say to ourselves “I wish I had done this” or “maybe if i worked hard on that exam, I could have topped the entire semester”. We spend 15-16 years on schooling, another 3-4 years in graduating and next 2-3 years in post graduation or some professional courses. All theseContinue reading “#4 Reinventing Yourself”

#3 Challenges for Introverts

Hello Viewers! “Can’t come today, I have work at home.” Oh shoot, I think I can’t make it to your place today, I have to take my cat/dog to Vet”. We have heard this before and can’t help that these are the excuses we make to stay at home and avoid going out. Maybe becauseContinue reading “#3 Challenges for Introverts”


Hello viewers! I have always taken help from Wikipedia, Google, Yahoo, Yourarticlelibrary for making notes and pass off exams. They have always been with us even when friends hide their notes. I always thought how all these websites are full of knowledge. When a mind is developing, it assumes a lot of things but doesn’tContinue reading “#1:Blogging”

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