#18 Birthday Wish

Hello Viewers! Its been a long time since I wrote something but life takes turns and we never know what tomorrow will bring. I recently celebrated my 25th birthday, so many people wished and gave their blessings. When people celebrate their birthday, they wish to achieve more than last year, be in good health, developContinue reading “#18 Birthday Wish”

#10 What’s up with School

Hello Viewers! Hope you are doing good and things are stable and steady. Last week, a friend of mine told me we should teach in school. You can have around 40 students in a room and give them lesson according to curriculum. I said the curriculum has been same for several years and people learnContinue reading “#10 What’s up with School”

#6 New Opportunities

Hello Viewers! When I first started writing, I never knew what it meant. I was like, just writing? That’s all… how can we earn from merely writing. Writing in my mind only meant copy paste system and put some ideas in between. But its not only that. Let me give you example people cook everydayContinue reading “#6 New Opportunities”

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