#15 Claustrophobic Relationships

Hello Viewers! The fear of closed or confined spaces is what we call Claustrophobia. Some people can’t enter a lift/elevator or ride a car with closed windows. Its in the mind that the space is closing on them and they feel suffocated within. This gives anxiety even when thinking of closed spaces. They always goContinue reading “#15 Claustrophobic Relationships”

#11 Hallucination

Hello Viewers! I couldn’t sleep last night, so I ended up reading about hallucination. It is, as we know, hearing voice or seeing something which is not present. Its a state of mind where some people hear or see things which is not actually there. Now this could be called as seeing ghosts or asContinue reading “#11 Hallucination”

#7 Haunting Moments!

Hello viewers! Its 2 AM, where half the world sleeps and half are awake. In this 50-50, there’s a proportion of people who are haunted by their past and painful memories. This year was rough for everyone. Some lost their job, dear ones, while others suffered from themselves. Be it any issue, these moments hauntContinue reading “#7 Haunting Moments!”

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